About Us

Hi! My name is Spenser and I am the owner of Hidden Gem Farm. We are a small family farm founded in 2020. Originally from Roanoke, VA, I moved to Chesapeake in April 2020 and purchased Hidden Gem Farm with my fiancé and daughter. Here we have several dairy goats, three alpacas, a miniature donkey, and numerous chickens. I have always loved flowers, especially locally grown ones, and after a family tragedy, a few years ago, I found myself taking comfort in seeing beautiful flowers in my house constantly. However, most of the flowers I was buying were from grocery stores which are not grown locally. Actually, most flowers bought and sold in the United States are imported from other countries. With 2020 causing the world to spiral, I felt it was important to get back to supporting local agriculture. Therefore, I decided to start growing cut flowers that could bring fresh locally grown flowers into other's homes and help make their world a little more beautiful. I mean, who doesn't love fresh flowers?